Vibrating Inertized Hopper with Weighing System – VIBI

Each step in the chain of wine making is essential to ensure high standards. True to this philosophy, Tecme International presents the vibrating inertized hopper, a unit that embodies integrity and technology, ensuring a perfect hygienic-sanitary protection, elimination of oxidation and absence of mechanical stresses.

The conferred grapes gradually progresses thanks to the vibration system in an environment inertized, by means of the injection of carbon dioxide made by special nozzles.

The resulting must is collected in the underlying recovery tub and from there it is driven to a tank due to the thrust exerted by the inert gas.

The accurate weighing of the incoming product is guaranteed by the load cells installed on board. Simple yet innovative, the system represents a further step towards quality.

Made in AISI 304 stainless steel

Capacity 1.5 up to 5 tons



  • Vibrating conveying hopper with inert gas protection
  • Weighing system through load cells
  • Grape conveying in inert envinronment
  • Free run must outlet in inert condition
  • Free run must transferring through Inert Gas with no any  Pumps necessity
  • Quality and Hygienic protection of the product guaranteed