Our Special Solutions

Washing and Cleaning System

A wide range of solutions for washing your barriques.

  • Washing nozzles with an integrated wastewater suction system.
  • Washing systems nozzles on trolley and wastewater gravity drain.
  • Manual and automatic machines for the simultaneous treatment of two barriques.
  • Automatic systems for continuous work, with draining and filling options.

Personalized solutions for Enological Sector

Tecme International Srl boasts a consolidated experience in the food industry, more specifically in the enological sector. Throughout the years the Company specialized in designing personalized solutions for the reception, the transportation and the transformation of grapes, with a special focus on the washing and the sanitization of barriques.

What has always distinguished Tecme International Srl is the will and, most of all, the ability to fully respond to customers’ demands, by studying and analyzing every request in detail to entirely satisfy their needs with personalized and innovative solutions. This modus operandi allowed the Company to grow and to establish itself, becoming an important reference in the industry, both in Italy and abroad.


Technology for quality wines

design personalized equipment

Technical Support

One of the strong suits of Tecme International is its After-Sales service, a key support tool provided by the company to the benefit of the end user of the machinery.

The service is carried out by technicians with extensive and proven specific experience in the sector. They are available all year around and especially during the harvesting period (24/7), when solving issues promptly is essential to ensure production is carried out correctly.