Mobile washing system where the barrels are loaded manually.

For an effortless and quick cleaning process, the barrel is rolled onto on the yellow PVC ramps, useful to protect the wood of the barrique from damages, then it is placed on the four wheels of the trolley.

The operator uses the mirror to rotate the barrique until centering the hole in correspondence with the washing lance, then he pushes the trolley forward until the lance is completely introduced into the barrique.

At this point the barrique is turned upside down, bringing the hole downwards. The washing operation begins by pressing the start button on the electrical panel.

The machine is also equipped with a timer for adjusting the duration of the washing cycle and with a safety limit switch to detect the presence of the barrique. Aisi 304 stainless steel tubular frame with wheels for moving and overturning.




  • Compact machine (barrique holder frame and lance holder frame in one piece)
  • Loading with no efforts thanks to the low height of the loading ramps
  • Loading ramp and trolley quickly removable (with 2 pins) to make it transportable in a station wagon or small van.
  • Electric motor (as on the Rotoklin 1); optional water motor
  • Waste water collection tank and conveying pipe (as on Rotoklin 1)
  • For 225-300 liter barriques. Optional,possibility of washing tonneaux as on Rotoklin
  • Control panel for timing the duration of the washing (it stops the rotation of the washing head and can manage the switching on and off of the hydro cleaner if desired)
  • Kit Steam utilization device