The PERISTALTIC PUMP is the latest gentle and delicate system for the transfer of fluids with different kind of density.

The pump is suitable for working with liquids (wine, fruit juices, milk, oil), with semi-solid products (whole grapes, crushed, de-stemmed, tomato, fruit salad) or abrasive products (marc, feed, ground, plaster, concrete).

The operating principle of this pump is based on the pressure of rotating rollers which, by gradually crushing a rubber tube, cause the product to be pushed towards the outlet. The alternation between compression and relaxation of the tube generates a continuous product recall and consequently a constant delivery.

The advantages given by this pump are those of being able to operate avoiding oxidation, flapping, emulsions, crushing of berries or grape seeds and the contact between product and pumping element.

The SCV system, Continuous Vacuum System, consists in the application of an electric vacuum pump and a vacuum switch that favor the total opening of the tube inside the semi-hermetically sealed casing.

The result is greater performance in the transfer of abrasive products and less crushing of the product.



  • Stainless Steel body AISI 304
  • Rotor with two rollers mounted on bearings
  • Flanged gearmotor on pump supported on two bearings
  • Trolley in stainless steel
  • Electric panel with reverse direction and speed variation
  • “Inverter” speed variator
  • Food Rubber hose
  • Remote control