Gioia series Automatic


Various typologies of machines in stainless steel for the box washing. Solutions with a unique sector for washing and rinsing or with separated sectors for a more accurate cleaning. All of them equipped with a transport chain with variable speed-drive unit. Solutions with fixed nozzles or with motorized rotating booms, with a superior brush, a couple of lateral brushes, hydric saving device to block the in-coming water when there are no cases on the machine, etc.

Anterior and posterior tunnel covering easy to be unfasten and removed for maintenance and cleaning operations.

The boxes are put on a double steel chain which drag them through the washing tunnel until they exit on the opposite side.

In the first section of the tunnel there are two hydrokinetics impellers, one inferior for the internal boxes and one superior for the exterior.

These two impellers are feed by an high pressure pump with adequate seals also of hot water until 85 °C. 


Accessories and options

  • soaking sector with nozzles fed by mains water before high pressure washing
  • additional high pressure washing sectors
  • upper side rotating motorized brushes
  • lateral rotating motorized double brushes
  • high pressure rinsing
  • additional high pressure pumps on board of the machine
  • filtration and recovery of the water used in washing