Inox Box 3 Manual

washing machine for grape boxes 

Structure made in AISI 304 stainless steel.
Compete of trolley with two wheels and practical handles for an easy movement.
Covering of the washing tunnel completely openable for an easy
maintenance and interior cleaning.
Water collection tank ashore draining.
Scrolling boxes rails adjustable in width.
Manual insertion of the boxes.
N. 2 impellers, one inferior and one superior for the exterior and interior boxes washing.
The machine has to be connected to an hydro – washing machine that provides at least 15 lt/min of water under the advised pressure 80/100 bar.
Rinsing noozles for the internal box, placed at the end of the tunnel.
Rinsing noozles fed with water supply network.
Total tunnel dimensions: mm 2.030 x 670 x 1.120 (height).


    Accessories and options

    • High pressure pump installed on the machine
    • Second high pressure washing set equipped with 2 impellers, one lower and one upper
    • Second high pressure pump to feed the second high pressure washing set
    • Detergent / sanitizing liquid suction device with adjustment knob.
    • Internal cassette rinse nozzles, to be connected to the mains water, located in the final part of the tunnel.