Barrel Cleaner powered by Water Hydraulics


The world’s first barrel cleaner on the market powered by water hydraulics with an integrated suction system. This innovative piece of equipment offers the same impressive cleaning results as the proven Barrel cleaner with an electric drive, but with improved operational safety.

They allow to wash the barrels by hot and/or cold pressure water without having to handle them. By means of some pressure water supplied by a common hydropolishing machine and of an injection system integrated into the machine, it is created a vacuum effect which permits a complete suction of the reflux water (closed valve) or to keep low the water level inside the barrel (open valve).

• Patented water hydraulic motor
• Flexible suction tube for stacked barrels
• Integrated suction system for dirty water
• For 225/228-litre barrels
• Effective 360° interior cleaning
• All parts in contact with water are made in Stainless steel
• Possibility to be used with any professional high pressure pump